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The server will be down for maintenance later on tonight. Please re-plan accordingly if you had plans on playing at that time today. Spread the word so no one is confused when the server suddenly shuts off :p
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Now, I know what you're thinking.. "BUT I PLAY MINECRAFT TO GET AWAY FROM SCHOOL". This is completely different from the school you go to. I'd like to get your opinion on an idea I had the other day, so read the thread below and let me know what you think about it in the poll above.

Since survival can only be so fun for so long, I thought it was time to release another server for everyone to play on. After trying popular server types like creative, kitpvp, etc, those proved to be short lived very fast. So I thought, why not make a gamemode that would last just as long as normal survival but allowed players to do so much more? An RPG server seemed to be the best idea at the time, but what kind of RPG? After doing some searching, I noticed everyone had already done all kinds of medieval, futuristic, pokemon, etc themed RPG gamemodes, so what's the next best thing? School!

How would it work?

Players would spawn in a large school...
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It's time to recognize the top players for the month of June 2014. I'll be announcing the top voter, play from richest town, top town resident, and top time spent on server. The top voter award is awarded to the player with the most votes during the month. Top money award is awarded to the player with the most money at the end of the month. Top town resident is awarded to a random resident of the town with the most residents at the end of the month. Finally, top time is awarded to the player with the most time spent on the server.

Top Voter

Richest Town

Top Time
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What's up Nation, it's ya boy.....easy breezy, and I just wanted to inform you all that a brand new minigame has been released on the server. It's themed after the infamous javascript based game "Cookie Clicker" and has been remade into a fast paced party pvp game. You can check it out on the minigames server.

If you have any suggestions or bugs for the new game, please feel free to post them on this thread.

Don't forget to check out the prom thread: http://cheatsynation.com/threads/cheatynation-carnival-prom-2014.719/
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It's done, you can access it with /tutorial. Do not complete this if you have a pet you don't want to lose. At the end of the tutorial you get diamond armor, money, and guns, so if you want that then complete it. Other than that, please post your feedback!
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Just wanted to let all the cool server members, that's right COOL SERVER MEMBERS, know that there's a brand new premium perk in the server store. Trails unlocks the ability to use the /trails menu. This allows you to toggle cool particles on your player that others will be able to see when you walk around. The menu allows you to emit particles such as fire, clouds, and even music notes.

Want to look cool for the ladies or fellas? Head on over to the store and pick up your player trails: http://store.cheatsynation.com/ (Seriously, chicks and guys dig trails, you'll get so many numbers)

In other news, does anyone have any cool ideas for new minigames we could add to the server?

Disclaimer: Chicks and guys may or may not actually dig the trails, it is completely up to them to decide if you're worth their time or not, we're just trying to pay some bills okay?